How to send your materials

*You will receive the address in your order confirmation email. If you do not see the email, the adres in also in my website under 'CONTACT' My email address is

 Please do not send me the very last of any of your inclusions. Lost packages are a very rare occurrence, but still possible. I do not want anyone to take that chance with the last of your inclusions. If you have to, just send me less and keep what's left. I only need tiny amounts of things like ashes, hair and flowers.   



  • Milk-  I need about 20ml to easily work with and that gives me enough for multiple pieces and some wiggle room in case of leaking into the next bag during shipping. If you are short on supply and need to send less, I can work with 10ml. If you are sending less than 20ml, please send in a bottle with the lid on tight and be sure to still double bag the bottle. I do not send back bottles or any packaging, so please don't send any packaging that means a lot to you. 
  • For an 20ml of more always triple bag your milk in good quality breast milk bags, make sure each bag is zipped tight and ship in a padded mailer or box. The quality of the bags is very important in terms of leaking during shipping. Again, double check that all bag seals are correctly and tightly sealed. 
  • always label the outside bag with your name and order number. Do not label the inner bags in case they leak. The ink may contaminate the rest of the milk if the inside bags are labeled, turning the milk dark. If milk leaks into the other bags and there is no writing on the inside, I can still use the leaked milk.
  • Do not add any tissue, paper towels, newspaper or anything else absorbent to the milk bags. If milk leaks into the bags and you have added something absorbent, I cannot recover the leaked milk.
  • Frozen or fresh milk will work just the same. Your milk does not need to stay cold during shipping. It will stay fresh enough to be used for jewelry for a very long time. No frozen milk is too old to use! Even if it's been in the freezer for years, it works just the same.
    Any unused milk will not be returned to you, but saved here in case you want to order again in the future or need repair.


  • Ashes- Send approximately 1/4tsp of ashes in a bag. No need to triple bag. Just make sure the bag is sealed tight without any ashes stuck in the seal. This will be enough for 1-2 pieces. If you ordered more than 2 or a larger piece like a crystal or large pendant, just send a bit more. Any unused ashes will be shipped back to you with your final product.
  • Label the bag with your name and order number. 
  • DO NOT send the ashes in a regular letter envelope with a stamp. It will be too thick to go through the letter machines and will be returned to you.

placenta-Umbilibal cord

   Must be dried prior to sending. If you have encapsulated your placenta, please send 1 capsule for 1-3 pieces. Any leftovers be sent  back, but if prefered, I save them in case you want to re-order in the future.

  • Label the bag with your name and order number. 

  • Umbilical cord- If you want just a sprinkle in your piece, just send about 1/4 of the cord stump. If you want a crystal or something larger and want more pieces throughout, send the whole stump. If you aren't comfortable sending the whole thing in case it gets lost in the mail, just send whatever you're comfortable with and I'll make it work. A little less doesn't make a big visual difference. I do keep leftovers for future orders or repair.


     Send about a 25mm long lock of hair per piece. Leftovers will not be sent back unless requested in your order notes, email or a note within the package. 


  •  I can only work with dried flowers. Please do not send fresh flowers or they will mold in the mail. If you need any help knowing how to dry them properly, feel free to contact me at any time. If you are unsure about whether they are completely dry or not, wait 3 more days and check again. I typically ask for about one of each color petal or greenery. If the flowers are tiny like baby's breath, then I will need a small handful about the size of your palm. If you would like remaining flowers to be sent back to you, please leave me an order note, email or note within your package, otherwise I do not send back unused flowers. I keep them filed away for future orders or repair.
  • Do not send in a regular letter envelope. It might not go through the letter machines if it is too thick and will be returned to you.
  • Label the bag with your name and order number.