Meet Mariluna,
our inspiration, my daughter, my everything. Her birth was something else! She had a lot of trouble breathing when she was just born. I had an emergency C-section and I’ve never been so scared in my life. So much so, that they had to give me full anesthesia. When I woke up they brought me to her and they never told me anything about her not breathing properly. When I saw the big machine and tubes in her nose my heart dropped. I did not know how to feel I was so scared.. when the doctors gave her to me i could barely move because of the anesthesia and her breathing quickly got even worse. I felt so guilty! Why was me holding her not making things better I thought to myself. I just wanted to hold her and try breastfeeding but i couldn’t.. when I finally could feed her, they told by it was better for me if I pumped some breastmilk (worst advice ever) they were shocked at how much milk I produced and I was so so so happy. That night me and my daughter slept all night long. My breasts looked different. When I wanted to try and breastfeed it worked for like 10 min and then she started crying. I was confused and pinched my nipple but nothing came out. I took my pump and... nothing... I freaked out so bad... I tried pumping for hours but still no results.. doctors said it was because of my c-section but I call bull. Breastfeeding is so important why the hell did they let me use a pump... anyway as you can imagine this was very upsetting to me. But I figured I had some left from pumping that one night and I just thought to myself. Would it be possible to make a stone out of this? Looking back, I laugh and I know it will be so different with my second child. Just follow your heart, and pump every 2 hours the first nights! Even if you're tired , upset & had a c-section like me. Or use formulas whatever feels right to you.


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